What is GFRP?

GFRP is an abbreviation for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics and is generally called FRP. A composite material is made of glass fiber as a reinforcing material and thermosetting resin as a base material. The one whose base material is thermosetting resin is called glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), and the one whose base material is thermoplastic resin is called glass fiber thermoplastic resin (GFRTP).

01. Excellent radio wave transmission

Due to its excellent radio wave transmission, it is often used in antenna covers and radar domes for communication systems.

02. Freedom of architectural design

GFRP can commercialize exterior parts with excellent design at low initial cost.

03. Excellent electrical characteristics

Since GFRP is difficult to conduct electricity and does not generate induced current, it is often used in the insulation fields such as cut-off parts for transformers, protective covers for power cables and printed circuit boards.

04. Excellent corrosion resistance

GFRP has excellent chemical resistance and is widely used in chemical plants.