Q.1 Is it possible to make shapes other than plate materials?We can also manufacture bolts and nuts.
Please contact us for standard sizes.
Q.2 Is it possible to be processed with the same accuracy as metal?Heat resistance is the greatest feature of CC composite and can handle up to 2500 ℃.
It is used for automobile clutches, disc brakes, etc. because it has small thermal deformation during sliding and stable friction characteristics.
Q.It can be used at extremely low temperatures up to -60 ℃.
Q.4 Is it wear resistant?Shape processing with the materials suitable for the friction environment is possible.
It is a highly wear-resistant material and used for industrial applications, clutches and brakes for automobiles and aircrafts.
Q.5 Is there a standard product or size, etc.?Please contact us first since it depends on the usage environment.
Q.6 Are there any restrictions such as maximum dimensions?The standard size is approximately 1000mm * 2000mm * t27 at the maximum.
Q.7 Is it possible to export or to manage export as an agent?It is possible, but it may fall under the items of the Export Trade Control Ordinance and the Foreign Exchange Ordinance.
Procedures such as export license are required, so please contact us.
Q.8 Is it possible to perform processing such as trimming and hole processing?Our inspection standard is JIS B 0405: 1991 / JIS B 0419 (intermediate).
Please contact us as we can process even if intermediate or above is required.
Q.9 Is it different from carbon graphite?What is commonly called graphite is a combination of carbon atoms.
A pencil lead is good example, but since CC composite is reinforced with fibers, it is strong against impact, does not break, and is easy to handle.
Q.10 Can CC be used in a clean room, etc.?It can be used even in a clean room by plating, including dust prevention treatment.