In the field of measuring equipments that support Japanese manufacturing, non-contact is becoming mainstream, Many parts that take advantage of CFRP’s low thermal expansion, light weight, high rigidity, and static vibration are used.
Although they are just a part, we would like to introduce the achievements that we have made.

Non-contact 3D measuring equipment housing and chassis


  • Reliable measurement results can be obtained by suppressing the effects of temperature changes during measurement.
  • Due to its light weight, it can also be used with portable models.

3D measuring equipment articulated arm


  • Because of lightweight and highly rigid, it can be handled freely during measurement.
  • High reliability is demonstrated in various usage environments by minimizing the effect of temperature changes during measurement.

Drone type laser surveying equipment


  • High strength and high rigidity increase the payload.
  • Lightweight to make battery life longer.
  • Carbon fiber has a beautiful appearance and can be used as a decoration.

X-ray inspection equipment parts for production line


  • Excellent X-ray transmission provides clear images.
  • Due to its excellent specific rigidity, the weight of the device can be reduced.

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