TIP compsite Co., Ltd. acquired ISO14001 certification at the Matsumoto Office Rinku Factory Headquarters in 2019. We plan to acquire other certificates at the our factories in sequence. We disclose our environmental policy as follows.

Environmental management system (EMS) Basic policy

Environmental Basic Philosophy
TIP composite Matsumoto Office Rinku Factory recognizes that global environmental conservation is an important issue common to all humankind, and in all aspects of business activities, striving for economic development and harmony with the local environment, we actively contribute to aim for achievement of sustainable society.

Environmental policy

Based on molding, processing, inspection and packing of aircraft parts and private industrial products made of fiber reinforced plastic, our factory pursue environmental conservation and promote improvement of environmental performance preventing environmental pollution, based on the followings.

  1. Understanding the environmental impact of our factory’s business activities, we build an environmental management system to the extent technically and economically possible, and strive for continuous improvement for environmental performance.
  2. We comply with environment-related laws, regulations・ ordinances and other requirements. In addition, we comply with the rules set by our factory and faithfully implement those rules.
  3. Striving to prevent environmental pollution and conserving resources and energy, we promote reuse and recycling, and manage operation to ensure disposal.
  4. We inform all employees of the environmental policy of our factory, deepen their compliance and understanding of laws and regulations and related regulations, and raise their awareness of environmental protection activities.
  5. We post the environmental policy on our factory homepage and make it publically aware to society.
  6. We conduct an internal audit on the status of compliance with the environmental management system, measure the progress of dealing with environmental problems, and regularly report to the management (layers).