What is C/C composite?

MaterialAn abbreviation for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Composite, it is generally called C/C. A composite material is made of carbon fiber as the reinforcing material and carbon as the base material.

Features of C/C composite
1. Light weight

fanThe weight is 1.6 to 1.7 g/cm3, which is about 1/4 lighter than heat-resistant metal steel, but it is 3 to 5 times stronger than graphite because it is made of carbon fiber reinforced material. In addition, because it has both lightness and strength, the amount of heavy objects that can be processed by the equipment inside the furnace increases, and the burden on the motor for the fans of the equipment inside the furnace is reduced, improving productivity and shortening the operating time.

2. High heat resistance (coolability)

barSince C/C composite is manufactured by raising the temperature from 2000 ℃ to 2500 ℃ in the manufacturing process, it can withstand repeated heat treatments without deformation due to heat under the operating temperature environment. In addition, since there is no thermal deformation, the maintenance is not required for fans, stirring fins, etc., and it can be used even in temperature ranges that cannot be used with resin or metal materials. Furthermore, deformation in heat temperature rising due to friction etc. can be eliminated, and it can be used in places such as rapid heating and rapid cooling, so it can be used for parts such as heaters by utilizing the heat resistance and heat conductive effect.

3. Multi-friction・corrosion resistance

mortorSince C/C composite has excellent slidability and can control the coefficient of friction, its antioxidative property makes it possible to replace resin parts. In addition, C/C composite has abrasion resistance without using oil or grease and can be used in a corrosive environment. (Because it has excellent corrosion resistance, it can be used even in the usage environment)

4. Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion

frameSince C/C composite is manufactured under high temperature, the coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely small compared to metal or CFRP. C/C composite is a material that has excellent dimensional stability due to the low coefficient of thermal expansion of carbon fiber, and its mechanical properties do not deteriorate even at high temperatures. Depending on the design, it is possible to make the thermal expansion as close to zero as possible.