Deodorizing equipment

We treat odorous gases by cleaning method or adsorption method for sewage treatment, urine treatment, garbage treatment, recycling facility, etc. In addition, we also remove harmful gas and toxic gas.
If you give us the basic data, we will do everything from design to production and installation.

Chemical cleaning and deodorizing equipments(scrubber)

Chemical cleaning 【Feature】

  • Cleaning and removal of high-concentration malodorous gas by chemicals.
  • Cleaning and removal of water-soluble gas such as ammonia.
  • Cleaning of harmful gas and toxic gas.


  • Removal of malodor treatment related to the treatment plant
  • Removal of harmful gas for metal surface treatment
  • Removal of bad odors related to livestock

Activated carbon deodorizing equipment

Activated carbon deodorizing equipment 【Features】

  • Physical adsorption by activated carbon. The sound is also quiet.
  • Since no water or chemicals are used, there is no need to worry about drainage.
  • Activated carbon can also be recycled.


  • Treatment of malodorous gas related to the treatment plant
  • Adsorption treatment of toxic and harmful gases
  • Removal of odors from livestock and food

Deodorizing related equipment

Mist separator

Mist separator 【Feature】

  • It efficiently collects water droplets contained in the processing gas.
    The collection material to be filled inside is a collection material with high collection efficiency, low pressure loss, light weight, and excellent chemical resistance.
  • Body material is FRP and PVC. Filler is PVC, PP, and etc.


Duct 【Features】

  • Compatible with a wide variety of materials (FRP, PVC, SUS, etc.)
  • We can handle duct construction all at once.

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