Features of FRP tank

High strength, high corrosion resistance, chemical resistance (chemicals), pressure, light weight, free design

【Applications of FRP tank】
Storage tank, reaction tank, dilution tank, stirring tank, methane fermentation tank, mixing tank, acid, alkali, salts, wastewater, hot water, semiconductor pure water tank, miso, soy sauce, food, mixing tank, washing tank, pure water, fermenter , Live fish transport vehicle, sewage, hot spring・boiling water storage, water heater tank for heater, water heater tank by silencer, high temperature hot water storage tank, diluter tank, bleaching tank, disinfection tank, corrosion resistant FRP tank, chemical resistant (chemical) tank

Cylindrical vertical type

Cylindrical tank


  • Integrally molded tank: 0.1㎥-100㎥ (can be transported with up to maximum diameter, 3.4m)
  • The manufacturing method is filament winding method with outstanding strength.
  • The most economical type of FRP tank.
  • Local assembly tank: Up to 200㎥ with a diameter of 4.0m or more (wire winding)
  • There are various types from ground-mounted type to legged type.

Cylindrical horizontal type

Cylindrical horizontal tank


  • Complete drainage is possible.
  • Suitable for the shape of buried tank, it can also be used as a pressure tank.
  • The low installation height makes it convenient for inspections.

Square tank

Square tank


  • It fits well, so it is economical in terms of installation area.
  • Other materials (steel, etc.) are used as reinforcing materials.
  • Can be used separately internally.
  • he price is higher than the cylindrical vertical type.

Hot spring tank (cylindrical・square)

Hot spring tank


  • It guarantees liquid temperature up to 100 degrees (heat resistance).
  • Heat-retaining integrally molded product.
  • Clean and hygienic. (Drinking harmless)
  • It is not affected by hot spring water.
  • Heaters, silencers, etc. can be installed.
  • Excellent heat retention.
    (if it is made of sandwich structure, hot water at 90 ° C drops only 3.6 ° C after being left for 12 hours.)

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