Raleigh tank for transportation

FRP raleigh tank for transportation

FRP raleigh tank 【Features】

  • Lightweight → The FRP tank itself is lightweight, so the total weight of the vehicle is lighter, and the load capacity is greatly increased!
  • Longer life span than metal (stainless steel, steel).
  • Excellent heat retention.
    (If it is made of sandwich structure, raw milk at 4 ° C will only rise by 1 ° C after being left for 12 hours. Also, the temperature of a hot spring at 45 ° C will not drop for 4 to 5 hours.)
  • There are cylindrical cross section and elliptical cross section.
  • For direct mounting of trucks chassis and mounting on flat bodies.


  • Food: Milk, soy sauce, and other foods
  • Hot spring: For hot spring transportation and home delivery
  • Chemicals: Industrial chemicals, coagulants, etc.

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