Corporate nameTIP composite Co., Ltd.
Matsumoto Office
Rinku Head Factory
3967-19 Minami Nishihara, Wada, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL +81(0)263-47-8861
FAX +81(0)263-47-8860
Osaka Office
2-11-6 Nonomiya, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture
TEL +81(0)72-632-4801
FAX +81(0)72-632-4805
PresidentAkira Ninomiya
Vice PresidentKazuki Kamakura
Managing DirectorMasahiro Kitahara
Managing DirectorShinobu Tokutake
Managing DirectorNagahisa Toyodome
DirectorMasae Ninomiya
Director, General Manager of Sales DepartmentShuji Toyodome
DirectorMitsuari Wakabayashi
Number of employees180 employees at 1st April, 2022
Business content① Design, manufacturing and sales of composite materials made of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)
② Design, manufacturing, sales and constructions of equipments for water and sewage and wastewater treatment facilities
③ Worker dispatching service / 派20-300299
④ Private employment service / 20-ユ-300170