High strength, high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance (chemicals),Pressure, light weight, flexible design

Ideal for storage, mixing and reaction of almost all industrial chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and caustic soda. Composite molding products in which corrosion-resistant resin is reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber, and other fibers.

This equipment treats odorous gases such of sewage treatment, urine treatment, garbage treatment, and recycling facilities by cleaning method or adsorption method.

The cover is a lid that is installed in facilities such as treatment plants, water purification plants, and water tanks for the purpose of safety measures and prevention of odor diffusion in the tank. High strength and corrosion resistance are required. The overflow plate is a product used for the purpose of collecting, distinguishing, and separating floating materials generated at the stage of sewage, human waste, wastewater treatment, and so on. Since the trough is made of FRP and has high strength, it can be used even in long spans, and advantageous designs of the trough are possible.

FRP lorry tanks are lighter than metal and have longer life span.

Ideal for environments that require corrosion resistance (concrete surfaces, floors, pits, breakwaters). FRP lining is also possible for tanks made of various materials such as SS and SUS.

We also manufacture non-industrial products such as dinosaurs, whales, other life-size ecological models, time capsules, roe hatchers, general equipment tanks and bare tanks.

Major Facilities

Reciprocator (automatic flat panel molding machine) 1 unit 4.0 x 12.0m
Filament winding machine (vertical type) 1 unit Diameter 4.4 x Height 10m
Filament winding machine (horizontal type) 1 unit Diameter 2.0 x Length 4.0m
Panel saw (PVC, FRP plate processing) 1 unit height 2.5m
Spray up machine 3 units
Compressor 5 units 15HP
Overhead traveling crane 7 units 2.5t
Gantry crane 2 units 2.8t