Q.1 What is GFRP?GFRP is an abbreviation for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics. As for the characteristics, it has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, radio wave transmission, and heat insulation.
Q.2 Can you make any shape?Since there are restrictions on the equipment, please contact us with drawings and sketches.
Q.3 What kind of information should I provide when requesting production?We would appreciate if there are shapes (drawings, data, illustrations), usage environment (temperature, load conditions, corrosion resistance, etc.), quantity, delivery date, and reasons for FRP.
Q.4 What are the corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance?Please contact us as we will propose a resin that meets your required resistance.
Q.5 Are there standard products or price lists? We do not have them. The requests differ from customer to customer, so please contact us first.
Q.6 What about the joining method?There are mechanical assembly using bolts and fasteners, and adhesion by adhesive or FRP overlay molding.
Q.7 Do you need a mold?It is necessary when manufacturing the product with the desired shape of the customer. Depending on the quantity, size, etc., a wooden mold, FRP mold, metal mold, etc. may be required.