Construction business

1. Quality control and high reliability based on internal standards
2. Actively promoting the acquisition of required licenses

Management technician 1 person
Pipe construction manager (1st grade) 1 person
Pipe construction manager (2nd grade) 1 person
License for construction vehicles, cranes, etc. Many
Technician (FRP, PVC processing) Many
Hygiene manager 1 person
Fire Prevention Equipment Officer 2 people
Civil engineering construction manager (2nd grade) 1 person
Other work chief Many


FRP tank

FRP plant

3. Promoting the improvement of construction technology and construction management technology.
4. Enhancing the service sector of construction.
5. TIP aim to be a company where you can rely on us from construction drawings to construction, construction management, and submitting its documents.

Information on various constructions

1. Factory production (Welding, Assembly)
Prefabricated pipe (Iron / Stainless steel),
Supports, Inspection corridor, Iron stand
2. On-site piping work
Stainless steel pipe, Iron pipe, Cast iron pipe,
Processing and plumbing of PVC pipes and PP pipes

Machine foundation work, Machine installation, Test run, etc.
Toxic gas exhaust duct, Deodorizing duct
<Material> Stainless steel, FRP, PVC
Implementation of air volume adjustment
Concrete surface / metal surface / corrosion-proof / waterproof lining, coating work
・ FRP thick film lining work
・ Permeability modified polyester resin coating
・ FRP sheet waterproofing work
Repair/overhaul of submersible pumps, ground pumps, sludge pumps, compressors, blowers, and other machineries
Sale of new machines, supply of parts

Construction details

Water, sewage and wastewater treatment facilities, design and construction, plant piping construction, prefabricated production
FRP duct construction, PVC duct construction, treatment plant repair and maintenance
Machinery and equipment installation work, general plumbing work, heat insulation/thermal insulation work
FRP waterproofing work, painted floor work, chemical/activated carbon/filtered sand replacement

Major Facilities


Band sawing machine for cutting (650 mm) 1 unit
Metal saw 1 unit
Angle processing machine 3 units
Pipe fertilizer cutting machine (150Φ, 100Φ, 80Φ) 3 units
Plasma cutting machine 1 nuit
Arc welder 2 units
TIG welder 1 nuit
Overhead traveling crane 1 unit
Gantry crane 1 unit


Engine welder 1 unit
Arc welder 2 units
TIG welder 2 units
Pipe welder 1 unit
Band saw 2 units
Pipe threading machine 3 units