Q.1 Can you make various shapes?Due to equipment restrictions, please contact us with drawings and sketches.
Q.2 Can you process with the same accuracy as metal?Our inspection standard is JIS B 0405: 1991 / JIS B 0419 (intermediate). Even if the customer’s request is intermediate or higher, we will fully achieve the request. However, we may not be able to meet your request due to processing beyond our limitation. Please contact us presenting the conditions.
Q.3 What kind of information do we need when we manufacture CFRP?If we consider and estimate the production based on a lot of information such as shape (drawings, data, etc.), usage environment, stress conditions such as load, quantity, reason to use CFRP, etc., the manufacturing will lead to a better product. First of all, we would appreciate it if you could let us know your request by phone, email or meeting.
Q.4 I have heard that CFRP is expensive, but how is it actually? Although it is an expensive material compared to metal, it often leads to total cost reduction by increasing the added value of the product and reducing the cost of peripheral parts.
Q.5 hat is weather resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance?Please contact us first since it depends on the usage environment.
Q.6 Are there standard products or price lists? They are on the ZERO CARBON site. Please contact us for other sizes and specifications.
Q.7 How much size of product can you mold?The size of the autoclave is 2.0m in diameter and 5m in length. The product can be manufactured as long as the product fits in the autoclave, including the mold. Please feel free to contact us first because the size of carry-in trolley also must be considered.
Q.8 Is it possible to export?It is possible, but it may fall under the items of the Export Trade Control Order and the Foreign Exchange Order. Procedures such as export license are required, so please contact us.
Q.9 What are UD, 3K cloth, and prepreg?UD: Monofilament that is aligned in one direction.
3K cloth: A bundle of 3,000 monofilaments that is biaxially woven.
Prepreg: A sheet-like product in which UD or 3K cloth is pre-impregnated with resin.
Q.10 Could you tell us how to join with other materials and parts?There are two methods: mechanical joining using joint fittings such as bolts and rivets, and joining by bonding.
We will propose the most suitable joining method depending on your usage environment.
Q.11 Is it possible to issue evidences such as RoHS・MSDS?The evidence can be issued when considering CFRP alone. However, when supplying in combination with other materials, it may be difficult to issue because it depends on the material, so please feel free to contact us.
Q.12 What are the processing methods such as trimming and hole processing? There are cutting, grinding, water jet machining, laser machining, press machining, and etc.
Q.13 What are PAN and Pitch?They are the type of carbon fiber. PAN-based carbon fiber is a carbon fiber made by desorbing elements other than carbon in polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber. PAN CF occupies 90% of the market and is often used for general purposes. Pitch-based carbon fiber is a fiber carbonized from by-products such as petroleum, coal, and coal tar, and has a higher elastic modulus than PAN-based carbon fiber. Please feel free to contact us as we will propose materials that meet your needs.
Q.14 Do you need a mold? Also, can we supply the mold and you manufacture the parts? It is not necessary to prepare the mold that has already manufactured and owned by us. However, mold costs and processing jig costs may be required for the production of unowned molds and different shape products. There are various types, expensive and inexpensive, so please contact us.